Lathe Guards

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Colchester Lathe Chuck Guards

The Colchester Lathe Guard (CLG-300) was originally designed in cooperation with 600 Lathes Group to suit the Colchester range of machines as follows,

  • 1800 Student
  • 3100 Student
  • 2500 Master 3
  • 250 Master

Due to its popularity and quality of design the CLG300 a new model was introduced, the CLG301, The CLG 301 can be used on most lathes when in used conjunction with either of the two supplementary, Flat or Angle Bracket..

Example, for a Triumph 2000 Lathe, the CLG-301 and the flat bracket are used together.

  • Ease of installation
  • Light but very strong and easy to use
  • Good visibility in working conditions
  • Electrically Safety Hinge switch is standard for this guard

Sliding Lathe Shields

These high quality steel lathe shields include one or two polycarbonate screens that allow good visibility but also maximum operator protection for most lathes standard or CNC, the sizes and types available are suitable for chucks or faceplates up to or around 1000mm diameter. The guard when positioned on the head of the machine can be adjusted on height to suit the machine arrangements (chuck or face plate size). The shield slides over the headstock and out of the way when it is necessary to work at the point of operation for changing tooling, piecepart, etc. The shield can be supplied with an electrical safety switch which will prevent the machine from running when the guard is in the open position.

  • The guards are easily fitted and can be adapted to fit almost any machine.
  • Unique construction allows excellent visibility.
  • A range of sizes to suit chucks up to 1000mm.
  • Ease of installation.

 TPS Large Steel Lathe Guard

Fabricated steel, double hinged chuck guards are for use on Lathes with up to 1000mm diameter chucks.  These guards come complete with mounting pivot pin and plate and support bracket which are both mounted on the face of the headstock. The hinged front panel allows simple access to the chuck.

  • Ease of installation.
  • Light but very strong and easy to use.
  • Good visibility in working conditions.
  • Electrically switches can be incorporated upon installation only.

 Lathe Saddle Guards

This guard provides operator protection on long bed lathes. The guard is normally mounted on the cross-slide of the lathe although mounting to other parts of the machine is possible where protection is required. The front portion of the shield hinges up for access. The quality steel structure with a polycarbonate vision screen provides protection from chips or coolant, along with visibility to the point of Operation. The Guard is ideal for applications where a simple chuck guard is insufficient as it protects the operator when machining is taking place at a distance from the headstock.

  • Ease of installation
  • Light but very strong and easy to use
  • Good visibility in working conditions
  • Protects when machining away from the headstock
  • Can be supplied with safety switch

Lead Screw Guards LSG

Exposed Rotating Lead screw shafts on lathes must be guarded if at all possible; CMS offer a cartridge roller blind system to reduce the risk of the operator becoming entangled with the exposed rotating shaft. The cartridge roller blind consists of two aluminium rectangular boxes housing a robust fabric material, the material is spring loaded and when extended out of the box it covers over the exposed shafts. A complete LSG system consists of 2 boxes, 1 set of brackets. One box is fitted to the tailstock end of the machine, the other is fitted to the left hand side of the saddle. Depending upon obstructions on certain types of machines, additional fixing brackets may be required.

  • Suitable for high linear speeds
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Resistance to swarf and cuttings
  • Ease of installation - shafts do not need to be removed
  • Can be used on machines up to max bed length of 3500mm